Navjiwan RWA & SSIL Launch Ban Single Use Plastic Campaign

Navjiwan RWA, one of the most active and Environment conscious RWAs in South Delhi’s Malviya Nagar Ward undertakes yet another vital and challenging issue – dealing with Single Use Plastic. SSIL (Swayam Swachatta Initiative Limited), a partner in this Campaign is supporting this campaign.

20190830 War-Aagainst-Plastic

This campaign will continue the entire month of September and will consist of various measures aimed towards stopping Single Use Plastic in this upscale colony, Navjeevan Vihar by 2nd October 2019. The best part about this campaign is wholehearted involvement of colony children. Over 60 children in the colony have already registered for this campaign. Each of these children has been allotted 4 to 5 households by Navjiwan RWA. The child will spread awareness related to plastic menace among these households get a pledge (to stop using single use plastic signed) by all the residents including children, domestic helps, guards and drivers. These children will also follow up with all these individuals on weekly basis to ensure that they are not using SUP.

Navjiwan RWA Secretary, Dr. Ruby Makhija said, “We are encouraging our residents to carry their own cloth bag for shopping, carry their own water bottles when they go out. Navjiwan RWA will be providing cane baskets to vegetable and fruit hawkers visiting the colony. These hawkers will not be allowed to bring any form of disposable bags in the colony. No plastic bags will be allowed on their cart as well.”

The campaign was launched on 30th August 2019 in Navjeevan Vihar. Addressing the gathering, Navjiwan RWA President and Senior Advocate, Mr. Vinay Bhasin appealed to these children to ensure that nobody in their homes, neighborhood or school uses single use plastic. Mr. Bhasin remarked, “Children of Navjiwan Vihar are very responsible and aware and they are the force behind all Environment related initiatives of Navjiwan RWA.” Many children spoke about the need to stop use of SUP. This included children as young as four years of age.

Dr. Makhija expressed her concern on the ill effects of plastic and added that Navjiwan RWA, being a responsible and Environment conscious RWA does not use disposables for any of their events. Crockery is borrowed from Crockery Bank for all their events. A minimum of 500 disposables are saved on a single event. She further added that since RWAs are the bodies that are directly in touch with residents and work at grassroot level, they play a very important role to bring about any positive change.

Navjiwan RWA is also considering getting one Reverse Vending Machine for collection and bailing of PET bottles. After achieving 100% waste segregation in Navjeevan Vihar, Navjiwan RWA is all set to achieve a total stop on SUP usage in Navjeevan Vihar by 2nd October 2019.


Author: Enviro Annotations

Environmental Weekly Newspaper

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