Sangli Apartments, New Delhi attains 100% Waste Segregation and Composting

Sangli Apartments on Copernicus Marg, New Delhi attained 100% waste segregation and making of compost from the collected wet kitchen wastes and garden waste of approximately 150 households with support from NDMC and ITC WOW.



Sanjaya K. Mishra

Sangli Apartments on Copernicus Marg, New Delhi celebrated an event to mark the successful making of compost from the collected wet kitchen wastes and garden waste of approximately 150 households. Situated in a prime location, the apartment, which is primarily for 3 wings of armed force officers with servant quarters, generates above 500 kilograms per day, assuming around 4 Kgs from each household. Sangli RWA Secretary, Commander Pankaj Kumar said, “We have achieved 100 % waste segregation at house level into Dry and Wet wastes, in last 6 months. Thereafter we built 2 pits for composting the wet waste, seeking technical assistance of ITC WOW team. The pits were inaugurated on 29th Jun by Chief Medical officer, New Delhi Municipal Corporation (NDMC).”

“Due to the proactive approach and constant monitoring, compost making has been fully successful. We will be able to achieve the making of more than 150 legs of compost in our first attempt. In effect, we have not loaded NDMC with garden and wet waste for the last three months or more.” he added.

Cmde M. K. Singh, President of Sangli RWA, mentioned in his speech expressed thankfulness to the NDMC for extending huge support to the waste management initiative. He said a strong determination and relentless working of the team brought the encouraging result in the form of compost.

The occasion of making first compost was appropriately celebrated on 15th September 2019 in the presence of Mrs. Meenakshi Lekhi, Hon’ble Member of Parliament (Lok Sabha), New Delhi. In her address to the gathering, she expressed her delight to be amongst the defence personnel, who she described as the most disciplined people. She said “It is a matter of pride that all of you are such conscious people, who are changing the society, bringing right values, giving right values to the children and our next generation. What was created in our generation and the generation before, needs to be cleaned up. The youngsters are on the right track.” Watch video

In her speech, she also stressed upon making lifestyles sustainable. She also extended her recognition to Dr. Rashmi Singh, Secretary, NDMC and Dr. Ruby Makhija, Secretary, Navjiwan RWA and described them to be great warriors to conserve the environment. In her address, the dynamic MP from New Delhi Lok Sabha constituency also mentioned that waste segregation started from Defence Colony with valiant efforts by Mrs. Shammi Talwar, from Defence Colony RWA.

Mrs. Lekhi also expressed her happiness on the way WOW (Well Being out of Waste), a CSR initiative of ITC Company, the team has been supporting the waste management initiatives. Lauding their initiative she said, “Mass generator of waste is handling the mass waste.”

Four waste management heroes of the RWA were distributed prize by the Hon’ble MP. The gathering also took a pledge after Mrs. Lekhi by putting their hands on hearts to continue the waste management and to do away with single-use plastic items. Establishing a new way of gifting, the RWA President, Cmde M. K. Singh and Secretary, Commander Pankaj Kumar gifted pots of compost to Mrs. Lekhi and other dignitaries.

Dr. Rashmi Singh, Secretary, NDMC in her speech lauded the Sangli Model, where it is collective thinking and collective doing. She said that “we must popularize the Sangli Model with other RWAs through videos and other various media so that they can also adopt such practices.”

Mr. Madhusudan Hanumappa from ITC WOW said that Sangli RWA has come to a step forward and have done a lot of good works, which is appreciable at all level. Journey in the direction of educating the people and building awareness of segregation of waste at source has been a challenging and enjoyable experience. He said that ITC has complete confidence in the people. If they are engaged in the right direction they would come forward and hold hands taking further to a different level. He also mentioned that their initiative has been touching nearly 26 lakh of households, on a daily basis across the nation. Diverted nearly 51000 MT of dry waste every year. Picking up 8000 MT low-value plastic

Dr. Ramesh Kumar, Medical Officer Health, NDMC shared his experience on how waste management originated way back in 1983. A child hero Devansh recited a poem on the environment. Amongst other dignitaries, Sh. Rakesh Kumar Sharma, ASI-I, NDMC, Dr. Ruby Makhija, Secretary, Navjiwan RWA, representatives from many other RWAs and individuals working in the field of waste management participated in the event.

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