Ahead Of 2nd October Residential Colonies Go Single-Use Plastic Free

Supporting the Government’s move to stop the use of single-use plastic from 2nd October 2019, some residential colonies nestled in South Delhi go a step further and declare their colonies free of single-use plastic before the deadline.

An event was organised by Navjiwan RWA on 1st October 2019 to declare Navjeevan Vihar free of single-use plastic. The event was attended by the dynamic, visionary and very supportive Deputy Commissioner, SDMC, South Zone, Mr. Vishwendra; officials from SDMC, SSIL and ITC WOW- Wellbeing out of waste, a CSR initiative of ITC, RWA representatives from Geetanjali Enclave, Sarvodaya Enclave and Shivalik A block residents and children of Navjeevan Vihar. This event also marked the huge success of ban single-use plastic campaigns. Mr. Vishwendra in his address to the residents appreciated the efforts put in by the residents of the colony and felicitated the children. In his address to the gathering, he stressed on the 4Rs – Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and Refuse. He also assured his full support to the cause of banning single-use plastic. Dr. Ruby Makhija, expressed her gratitude to teams SDMC, SSIL and ITC WOW for making the campaign a success. She added, “Residents and children of Navjiwan Vihar are the most aware and supportive towards the cause of conserving Environment. MCD for Navjiwan Vihar stands for the Most Cooperative Department that has always extended full support to Navjiwan RWA.” A rally was organized with slogans to stop single-use plastic, save the environment, use cloth bags, stop using disposables, etc. Animation Characters – Power rangers and Mickey Mouse also carried the placards reading slogans on conserving the environment.

Crockery borrowed from the community crockery bank was used for the event saving more than 700 disposables. Upcycled cloth bags were distributed to all the guests. A.K. Gupta and Anil Sahai from RWA, Geetanjali Enclave; Shafali Mittal from RWA, Sarvodaya Enclave and Monica Arora and Kuljit from RWA, Shivalik A block; also declared their colonies free of single-use plastic and pledged to support the fight against single-use plastic.

Navjiwan RWA launched “Ban Single-Use Plastic Campaign” on 30th August 2019. More than 80 children are registered in the group Sanskaar run by the Secretary, Navjiwan RWA, Ruby Makhija. These children went door to door covering the entire colony residents, guards, drivers, maids, and market to make people aware of the need for stopping single-use plastic. Street plays organized by SDMC and SSIL were held to create awareness. Cloth bags have been stitched out of old bedsheets and curtains donated by residents and were distributed on 1st October. Vendors are not allowed to bring disposable bags inside the colony. Their carts are checked by the guards at the entry gate who also provide them with cloth bags for use inside the colony. Residents bring their own bags and baskets for buying their fruits and vegetables. Residents are encouraged to keep one bag in their cars and in the ladies’ bags at all times. Residents have also pledged to carry their own water bottles while stepping out of their homes. No disposables have been used at any event of Navjiwan RWA for the last one year. Crockery is borrowed from a community crockery bank for this purpose. In case any Bhandara/ Party is organised by any resident of the colony, pattal plates are used that go directly into the compost pits of the colony.

With the increasing awareness and support of civic agencies, CSRs and NGOs, various colonies are coming forward and joining hands to clamp down the menace of single-use plastic.

Sanjaya K Mishra

Enviro Annotations

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